pie face preview with google nyc

On Monday night, a small group of us with Google+ Local NYC had the opportunity to check out Pie Face’s newest location at 34th Street and 3rd Avenue in Murray Hill. Whereas their opening party at the Mondrian Hotel for the original location at 53rd Street and Broadway was a crowded event, this was a much more intimate setting in the actual new store itself. Neighborhood regulars will rejoice – this spot will be open 24 hours a day, with pies to fill your needs from breakfast through to dessert!

A wonderful bartender from Open Bar Hospitality was on-site preparing a couple of cocktails to accompany what would turn out to be a seemingly endless parade of meat pies (more there in a minute).

The staff at Pie Face was fabulous – warm and engaging. The owners had even come in from Australia just for the event! The store opened just after our preview event, so we had a sneak preview before they were officially even open. The first pies that came out were their savory pies – such as their mincemeat, chicken and mushroom, chunky steak (with a red wine sauce), Thai chicken curry, and a Tandoori vegetable. All of their pies have different faces, with letters to clue you in to what’s inside. Their special Mexican pie has an “X” for its mouth and the Tandoori veggie one has a “V”. Cute and clever.  My favorites were their bacon and egg pie, which is available at breakfast, and the Tandoori vegetable, which was just a little bit spicey.

They also brought out these special pies, which were mincemeat topped with mashed potatoes, peas, and gravy!

Then it was time for the sweets round! They included apple pies, cherry pies, key lime pies, blueberry pies, pecan pies… oh so many pies! I had to try the lemon one to try something a bit different. The filling was much more than some of their others – tart and tasty.

I only wished I had known what would come next… lamingtons. My oh my. If I though the lemon pie was a lot, it doesn’t even begin to compare with this guy. And no, the photo doesn’t make it look larger than it really was! Next time… next time.

Posing with my guest (in between pies)

Posing with my guest (in between pies)

With the Google+ Local NYC Team

With the Google+ Local NYC Team

Have any of you visited Pie Face yet? If so, what are some of your favorite pies?

Pie Face – 507 A 3rd Avenue (at 34 Street)


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