hiding out from the rain at fatty cue

What’s the best thing to do when the rain is coming down like crazy outside? Picking a good restaurant and tasting your way through the menu is up there in the list of options for me. Last Tuesday was so gross that Fatty Cue in the West Village wasn’t crazy busy. Perfect.

Cockatils - Fatty 'Cue, West Village

To start, we had to get the Ham, Jam, Butter & Bread (I’m a bit of a pretzel bread fanatic and it’s not something you often find on a restaurant menu). This was Edward’s ham, pretzel bread, and aged butter. The ham was on the stronger side and was even more so with the addition of the butter which seemed to have a smokey finish, with a light char along the top.

Ham, Jam, Butter, & Bread - Fatty 'Cue, West Village

Based on the servers recommendation, we went with the kale salad for our veggie selection. The kale was offset by a creamy green peppercorn & cincalok dressing. We learned cincalok is a Malysian condiment – a shrimp paste of sorts. The kale hadn’t been cooked down but the dressing cut through it fairly effectively. Though note, if you don’t really like shrimp, this dish is not for you as the flavor of the dressing is fairly prominent.

Kale Salad - Fatty 'Cue, West Village

An order of their bacon was a must. It’s a 1/2 pound of their bacon, deep-fried and thick cut. It’s prepared with coriander and served with a sweet & spicy salsa verde (very similar to a chimmichuri). I’d never seen something like this paired with bacon, but it was quite good. Plenty in this order to split between two.

Bacon - Fatty 'Cue, West Village

For our main, we went with the dayboat scallops, which were served with pork consomme and husky cherries. Though the dish only had two jumbo scallops, I’d have a hard time not ordering it on a subsequent visit. There was just a bit of crispness on the exterior of the scallops and the pork consumme and cherries added nice additional flavor layers.

Dayboat Scallops - Fatty 'Cue, West Village

Sadly, there wasn’t the option of dessert this evening. The unfortunate downside of rainy day dining at Fatty ‘Cue ended up being a flooded pastry kitchen. Sadness. Oh well – next time!

Fatty ‘Cue – 50 Carmine St (btw Bleecker & Bedford) – 212.929.5050
Reservations Suggested


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