apertivo at salume

I’ve had a pretty good streak of luck as of late regarding winning. I never used to win the random things I enter and then *poof* – the last year has been kind of the exact opposite (not that I’m complaining, mind you). Recently at the Dipsology launch, I won apertivo for two at Salumè in Soho. The owner kindly explained there’d be a series of light bites and a wine/beer pairing throughout the meal. I was intrigued.

It was a damp night when we made our way over there to check it out. We pretty much had the place to ourselves as we tried a little of all sorts of things. I can’t say I’ve ever just sat through a meal unsure as to what would be appearing at the table. It was an interesting assortment – some quite amazing – and everything with such exquisite presentation.

We started with a peach granita with rock salt. The chunky salt was a perfect balance to the sweet peach. It was a nice refreshing start to the meal.

Next, we had a mozzarella melon ball with prosciutto oil and fennel. The cheese was fresh and creamy and the fennel was a nice addition to add to the overall flavor of the combo.

Then came out this unique looking fish of braised leeks with patarga and sunflower sprouts. The patarga had a strong, slightly bitter taste. The char on the leeks though paired with the patarga was so different it just worked. The sunflower sprouts added a nice herbaceous element to the dish.

Next there were walnut breadsticks with lardo and cherry honey. I really liked the cherry honey in this dish. It was only slightly noticeable but kind of made the dish for me.

They then brought us brizola with fava beans, cipolini, Meyer lemon zest and olive oil. The Meyer lemon helped to balance the meat flavor. I can’t say I have ever had lemon and meat in one dish quite like this.

I have to say, I was surprised that this cuttlefish arancini accompanied with squid ink and balsamic paint, topped with fennel, was my favorite out of the dishes. I’m not usually a big cuttlefish fan. The texture for me is usually too rubbery and the flavor too overwhelmingly fishy. This dish though was a massive homerun for me. We agreed we could have eaten this all night long. A must try.

For our first dessert, there was a gelee with peanut butter and popcorn. It was a very fancy way to say peanut butter and jelly dessert. Verdict? Totally approve.

Finally, there were some fancy “jellies” – one was a scotch (just a tad smokey) and the other was a red wine. Scotch all the way!

Fun, inventive way to grab a bite and have the chance to try so many different flavors in one sitting. Nicely done, Salumè!

Salume – 330 West Broadway (@ Grand Street) – 212.226.8111
Apertivo Reservations Recommended


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