psa re: lucali (+ gratuitous photos of naked pizza’s handiwork)

Last night, I was so excited about trip number two to Lucali. I’d planned out exactly what time to be there to wait in line. I’d grabbed my gloves. Wore my thicker coat. I was ready. My parents are in town from Alabama and I was looking forward to introducing them to one of my favorites.

When we got there, I learned the downside of these low-key spots without a web presence, no Twitter, etc. Closed. Not just for the day. Until early December (or maybe more … I missed this post up from before). No sign even on the outside. The only reason I knew was there was a guy outside taking a phone call (perhaps a neighbor?) who explained what was up – which lined up with the interior, which was a mishmash of paint buckets and random stuff strewn about. If you were planning on heading over yourself, take note – because you won’t find any official notice from them, well, anywhere.

So today when I had to run over to Buttercup Bakeshop for some cupcakes for a photo shoot tonight, I made a slight detour to check out Naked Pizza, a new-ish pizza spot on the east side I’d heard good thing about. For $8, you can get a 2 topping small pizza with a drink. I had the fire roasted peppers and spinach on mine, along with the part skim mozzarella. Not too bad. Not bad at all. Pizza craving? Satisfied!


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