late night shopping at the brooklyn night bazaar

If you’re like me, these holiday markets have become my obsession. Rather than having to choose a “type” of store, I can casually peruse stalls, booths, or tables with all sorts of items – many of which I had not thought of until I went to their market. I buy so many Christmas presents this way that I’ve lost count. When I heard about the Brooklyn Night Bazaar, a market I’d missed hearing of last year, I had to venture out on Saturday evening to see what it was all about.

Brooklyn Night Bazaar - Williamsburg

Brooklyn Night Bazaar – Williamsburg

I arrived on the early side, agreeing to meet my sister around 7:30pm. Serious shoppers note – early is way better in the case of this spot. Not only is your selection better, but also you’ll be able to walk directly in to the venue (the line snaked over 1/2 a block at 10:30pm when I left), you’ll be able to actually move around the venue and get up close to the merchandise before the crowd thickens, and you’ll be able to actually talk to people (live music in theory is great – but towards the end of the night, it made communicating with vendors a bit tricky).

Oaxaca and Dub Pies - Brooklyn Night Bazaar

Oaxaca and Dub Pies

The interior of the space was purely merchandise vendors – art to clothing (new and second hand) to jewelry to lotions and candles. Along the perimeter of the exterior though, you could find just about everything you might want to eat, from the basic (tacos from Oaxaca) to the unexpected (Blueprint Cleanse? Wait what?) to the comforting (all kinds of grilled cheese from Mrs. Dorsey’s Kitchen).

Ample Hills - One of My All-Time Faves - Brooklyn Night Bazaar

Ample Hills – One of My All-Time Faves

And don’t forget the sweets! Make sure to visit my favorite, Ample Hills, for a sweet treat to round out your visit. For those of you who think Prospect Heights is oh too far, you’re lucky that it’s coming to you for several weekends. I recommend the Bourbon Street. Delish! For another sweet option, check out Arancini Brothers and their hazelnut balls. Amazing!

Miss out on the first nights of the event’s run? Fear not. There are 10 evenings in total and that means 8 more chances for you to make it out.

Ping Pong - Brooklyn Night Bazaar

And if shopping and eating isn’t your thing, there’s always … ping pong!

45 North 5th Street – Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Running Fri/Sat through December 22nd
Free Admission


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