2012, you made me smile

I realized it’s time to pause again and think through all that 2012 was. The places been, faces met, and experiences had. There were so many, it’s hard to know where to start, but I love that writing this post forces me at least once a year to sit down and for a bit, thumb back through the calendar and such and reflect.

Not surprisingly, there were food experiences galore. I went to Cochon 555 (so… much…. pork). There was the US launch party for Pie Face, and the launch party for their second location. Zagat dinners of all sorts. I continued to try oysters, finding yep, I still just don’t love them. I celebrated a wonderful year with T with a wonderful dinner (minus our horrid server) at wd-50. I celebrated three years in NYC for 2 of my favorite Jenns on the rooftop of a stylish bar in Chelsea. I finally made it out to check out City Grit Culinary Salon – not just once, but twice – the second time being a benefit following Hurricane Sandy. I saw Anthony Bourdain speak at BAM, mostly regarding his contempt for Paula Deen, thanks to the gracious TC and Underground Eats.

It was a year of some amazing travels. In April, I went to South Africa for a week with my good friend JP, who was expecting. The trip was an amazing adventure filled with leopards, a beach-inhabiting colony of penguins, local foods (including some game JP ordered for dinner – name is eluding me – sprinbok I believe?) and tasting wine in the scenic countryside of Stellenboch. In July, I finally made it out to visit San Francisco with T. We biked across the San Francisco Bridge, toured wineries in Sonoma, and were surprised by amazing eats at an unassuming bar in The Haight.

There were fabulous shows and music. I was surprised by two last minute tickets to the only US performances this year by Tori Amos. Having missed the boat on both, I was lucky enough to have wonderful friends who offered me one of theirs to join in for the NPR Music Show at Le Poisson Rouge and the Infinity Hall Live taping in Norfolk, CT. I saw Joss Stone again – by myself, and didn’t even care I was alone. Amazing. I was treated to floor seats for Madonna at Yankee Stadium, spoiling me and confirming I cannot go to another Madonna show since it’ll never be like that again. I fell in love with the unique Sleep No More, requiring a return visit to experience it again. We later went to see Then She Fell, a fun take on Alice in Wonderland that made you feel like a part of the story – pausing a minute to yourself go down the rabbit hole. I went to see Porgy & Bess with my friend A and was treated with an unexpected chance to meet the fabulous Audra McDonald backstage. I was lucky enough to finally make it to a premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival. Check that one off of the life list!

There were weddings. Oh were there weddings. We went to Atlantic Beach, NC for a rainy beachfront wedding. We went to Albany. We went to DC. We went to Detroit, which turned out to be a wonderful weekend trip where I got to see my old roommies (one of which was the bride), a good friend from DC, and even had a chance to grab brunch with my foodie friend from Detroit. We went to New Cityjust shy of Poughkeepsie and about an hour outside of NYC. Beginnings were balanced with the opposite. In April, I had to say goodbye to my good friend Rachel without having the opportunity to say a word. I’d like to think that she’d be pleased to find herself in the midst of such a wonderful year. I’ll always remember her fondly and thank her for being my initial northward pull.

Of course, there was trapeze. What’s a year without a little time in the air? April brought the end of an era, with the Trapeze School of New York (TSNY) closing it’s indoor rig. Our IFW (intensive flying workshop) final performance happened just before it came to a close. We closed out our time there with a round of knee hangs – the way it all began for each of us. With this change, I found myself over at Circus Warehouse in Long Island City – a whole new set of instructors and a markedly different approach to teaching. I learned to trust myself enough to swing without safety lines – flying for the first time solely based on the merit of my own strength. It was amazingly terrifying. I ended the year feeling stronger, more comfortable, and determined with things in mind to tackle in classes in 2013.

I’m gearing up (and sequin-ing up!) to ring in the new year shortly. Still contemplating resolutions for the year, if any.

Happy New Year! Wishing you all the very best ahead in 2013!


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