round deux at talde

This weekend, we went back to Talde for the first time since last spring. Not sure why we waited so many months to return back since the first visit was so amazing. It would be easiest to classify this spot as Pan Asian, but it’s so much more than that. Way better than a cop out of a description. And as was the case last spring, we found ourselves at this no reservations spot (unless you happen to be a group of 6 to 8) on a Friday night.

All decorated for Chinese New Year!

All decorated for Chinese New Year!

Content to eat at the bar, I just sat up shop for us to eat there. Smart tip I learned – never assume, always ask, about being able to eat the full end at the bar because at Talde? No can do. I went up to out our name in and was bummed to learn the wait at that point was another hour – and I’d already been there almost 45 minutes I could have been waiting for the table.

To make the most of it, we ordered some starters we’d have likely ordered at the table – starting with the pretzel pork & chive dumplings. Lets be real – we had come there for those and wouldn’t have complained if the portion size had been three times the four per order we were served. This $8 dish is a must try!

To follow, we tried their Kung Pao chicken wings. They were just a bit spicy but quite good. They ended up being a nice slightly heartier option from their bar menu. I didn’t love the housemade buttermilk ranch that accompanied though. Call me a ranch snob. To me, it straddled ranch and blue cheese, and leaned blue cheese.

Though we’d  been quoted an hour wait, we were surprised by a much shorter wait time. Kudos to the team for bumping us a bit for my silly not asking about the full menu at the bar move. I was so excited to see the Lobster Tom kha is a staple on the menu. Amazing. This soup. This soup! With coconut milk, rice noodles, corn, and lobster and a dash of heat – ok, a substantial, amazing and delicious layer of heat, this soup is another must have item on the menu. Great option year round. Coming in warmer weather? Skip the soft shell crab poboy (it was not the highlight from my first visit). Instead wear a tank top, bring a fan, and commit to some Tom kha! So worth it.
We also tried the crispy oyster and bacon Pad Thai. I feel compelled to caveat I am still not an oyster fan (not much of a change since my first oyster attempt), so that can’t help but factor into my thoughts here. It was a great dish – it was. For Pad Thai, it was especially good. Adding the bacon was a really nice way to change it up. I could tell the fried oyster was a nice salty layer to the dish. 
Don’t miss out on their excellent seasonal cocktails. The Brooklyn Sling was a wonderful take on the classic Singapore Sling, with Brokers Gin, a cherry liquor, pineapple juice, and lemon-lime bitters. We also tried the Obama’s Punch – seemingly appropriate as this was just before the inauguration. This one is sold as a drink or in a cute little punch jar. It’s Kraken Rum, Brooklyn Republic Vodka, curaçao, vanilla, and blood orange-lemon-lime juices. And it’s super good.
Congrats to the team on reaching the 1 year mark. If you haven’t made the trip over yet, I strongly believe this Tom ka is the best antidote for our current cold spell. Trust me.
Talde – 369 7th Avenue (at 11th Street) – Brooklyn – 347.916.0031
Reservations for parties of 6-8 only

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