now open: avlee greek kitchen, carroll gardens

After watching this spot go up for a while, I was so excited to see Avlee Greek Kitchen finally open late last week! Curious to see the finished product, I popped in yesterday, expecting the food to be more grab-and-go style (like a Maoz). Boy was I wrong. While there isn’t a ton of seating, there are several small tables for you to eat there with table service. Just beyond the first group of tables in the entry way, there is a long bar-like area which is the kitchen and there are a few more tables int he back. They even have a few wines you can order along with your meal.

Their menu ranges from standard pita wraps and platters to traditional Greek entrees, like pastitsio and mousaka. Usually I have to go into the East Village for some of these favorites, so I’m really excited to be able to try them now instead from Brooklyn! For my first visit, I went standard – chicken souvlaki along with Greek patates tiganites (hand cut russet potatoes fried & topped with EVOO, fresh lemon, and feta cheese). So good! Can’t believe they haven’t even been open for a week yet and are functioning so smoothly.

I was talking with one of the employees and the inside scoop is they wil be starting delivery next week! If you’re in the area (or ordering delivery in the area starting next week) I recommend giving this new tasty spot a proper welcome!

Avlee Greek Kitchen – 349 Smith St (between Carroll St & 2nd St), Brooklyn – 718.243.2641 


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