restaurant week dining at lure in the midst of nemo

Nemo! Snow! Crazy things are coming, so everyone stay inside. Cancel plans!

Um, no. Not only was I had fun plans on Friday night. After a very scientific poll of two coworkers on late Thursday afternoon, I decided there was no reason my car-free Friday evening itinerary could not continue as planned (only change being my stylish Ugg snow boots).

When I walked into Lure Fishbar, well more like slowly walked down the stairs as to avoid a snow-induced slip, I was surprised to find it relatively busy. The humor of going to a place serving primarily seafood in the midst of a storm titled Nemo was not lost on me. I learned they have a nice bar-only Happy Hour from 5-7pm including $5 beer, $7 wine and $8 cocktails including a subset of their usual cocktail menu (champagne bellini, dark & stormy, ginger apple martini, and grapefruit margarita). I recommend the ginger apple martini – all fresh and flavorful, and none of that sweet syrupy Pucker-style taste here.

I’d read a lot about the different food options at Lure and the freshest fish options seemed to be the way to go, so that’s what I ended up doing. To start, I had the salmon tartare, which was served with a dill puree, salmon roe, and a creamy horseradish. When it arrived, I was surprised to find it looked more like a savory mousse. Whatever it looked like though, it was quite good. It was very refreshing and was a totally different take on salmon from anything I’d had before.

For the main course, I was originally tempted by the seared branzino, which was served with a pumpkin risotto and a pumpkin seed pesto, but I ultimatley stuck with the fresh fish plan, instead selecting the sushi. The sushi option was a sushi combo, which included 6 pieces of sushi and one maki roll. For the roll, you could choose one among three different rolls. I almost went with the yellowtail scallion but went with my staple fave, spicy tuna.

For dessert, I had to go with the apple walnut crumble based on our server’s recommendation. It was a nice balance to the sushi – a bit heavier but not too sweet. And their homemade ice cream was a basic yet refreshing accompaniment. I’d love to go back and check out their full menu at some point! (I’m sure I’m not the only person who goes straight to the Restaurant Week selections during those magical weeks out of the year…)

Oh and as for the rest of the evening, have to say the Passion Pit show at Madison Square Garden was a fabulous way to spend a snowy Friday. Big thanks to my friend M for taking me (and including me on yet another Restaurant Week dinner). Here’s a taste at the end, where the Garden became instantly filled with confetti. Fabulous ending!

Lure Fishbar – 142 Mercer St (b/w Houston & Prince St) – 212.431.7676
Reservations Recommended


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