verdict on breakfast tacos at briskettown

Yesterday I used another one of my carryover vacation days to enjoy doing a little this and that in the city. I’m becoming hooked on this extra day a week thing. It’s one part staycation and one part errands I never get to do. Amazing.

The first thing I did was to voluntarily head over to South Williamsburg on what ended up being a pretty chilly Wednesday to check out the relatively new breakfast at Briskettown. Based on the other time I had Daniel Delaney’s brisket (over at a friend’s house), I had a feeling it would be well-worth the hike over.

Had to try two different ones - bacon taco & brisket taco

Had to try two different ones – bacon taco & brisket taco

The seating area is very no frills and laid back. At just after 10, there were three others in there besides us. Service was quick and super friendly. They have some different bread and pastry options, but I knew coming in it was all about the tacos. They are $4 each and are a solid portion without being crazy crammed full. Coffee was solid as well.

Oh but back to those tacos… so there was I believe a veggie option (apologies, my eyes skimmed right past that one) as well their “bacon taco” (pulled pork belly prepared in the smoker paired with scrambled eggs) and the brisket taco (scrambled eggs, pickled purple onions, cilantro, and chile sauce.)

Bacon Taco - Briskettown

Bacon Taco – Briskettown

The pork one was really good. I liked the addition of the pickled onion and the chile sauce. The pork was solid as well – flavorful and tender.

Brisket Taco - Briskettown

Brisket Taco – Briskettown

I ate the pork one first though since I had a feeling that the brisket one? It was going to be the winner out of the two. And oh was it ever the winner. Just a quick backdrop on me and brisket – I didn’t grow up eating it. I kinda didn’t know what it was. In fact, I don’t think I’d ever had it until I moved to New York City! I tend to like it okay, but it’s not my absolute fave. Correction – unless it’s Daniel Delaney’s. Amazing. Just amazing. I would eat this brisket taco every day. I want it again already… This is truly brisket like no other. Totally worth traveling for.

One more brisket close-up - just cause...

One more brisket close-up – just cause…

Breakfast today feels totally inadequate. I think breakfast just might be ruined for the week… cause nothing is going to come close. Darn it, Briskettown!!!

Briskettown – 359 Bedford Avenue (btwn S 4th & S 5th Streets) – Williamsburg, Brooklyn –
Breakfast tacos are available Mon-Fri 8AM-12PM & Sat/Sun 8AM-3PM


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