victoria’s red fish blue fish

I’m recently back from one amazing trip out to the Pacific Northwest. It was a whirlwind – only one week covering Vancouver, Seattle, and Portland. I was lucky enough though to cram in (of course) some amazing food along the way.

I was traveling with my good friend A, who shared my interest in exploring and attending some Tori Amos shows. Perfect combo to me! We spent a good day and a half exploring Vancouver so we decided we could afford to spend one way out of town. Tight on time, we opted to coordinate with a tour company by the name of West Coast Sightseeing that our hotel, Hotel Burrard, was so kind as to help arrange.


We woke up super early to meet the tour van to venture out to Victoria. The trip to Victoria required a bus ride to a ferry to another ride out to the town. En route to Victoria, we stopped off in Brentwood Bay to visit the Butchart Gardens. The gardens were so gorgeous I couldn’t stop taking photos. Photos don’t begin to do it justice.

By the time we reached Victoria, we were famished. We’d skipped a snack in the gardens to allow more time to explore. Our tour guide rambled off suggestions. There was a bit of this and that in their Chinatown. And then there was this pub … and that pub.


We were instantly drawn to the one option that was completely different. “It’s this fish and chips place. I’ve never been, but some people say it’s great. One Fish, Two Fish … Blue Fish, Red Fish … Something like that!” He was close. It sounded good and points for the Dr. Seuss reference!


We walked down and around the harbor area. It was a particularly amazing day. No clouds, super sunny, low 80s with light breeze. We didn’t see a restaurant though as we continued our way around. And confined to a wi-fi only world, we had no way to check our whereabouts. Luckily we ran into a security guard patrolling in his crisp uniform. I caught his attention and he volunteered to take us there personally.


When we reached Red Fish Blue Fish, it was clear why we thought we were lost. We had a bit to go and it turns out it was a free standing shack along the harbor. There were several people ahead of us. A couple of the ladies from our tour group looked annoyed at the wait. I looked to our new friend, Mr. Security guard and as if responding on cue he interjected, “This? This is nothing. Sometimes it curves back along the harbor. Sometimes they run out of things too.”

There was no question as to what I was getting. They’re known for their fish and chips. I was absolutely starving so my friend and I opted to each get an order, which turned out to be way too much food. I’d suggest splitting and then assessing from there. The halibut is the way to go. I’ve never had halibut that’s come close to this. Amazing.

A ordered some gazpacho to start and after a long day out and about, it was amazing. It was super flavorful. Light and refreshing. I really loved their choice of topping – a heaping scoop of little shrimp. Such a simple but transforming addition.

And the fish. Oh the fish. I’ve had fish and chips many a time in London. I’ve had them in the Scottish countryside out from Edinburgh. I’ve even had it in Dublin. Hands down, the fish at Red Fish, Blue Fish is the best I’ve ever eaten – period. So even though that portion size was way too hefty, you’d better believe I didn’t let any of it go to waste.

Red Fish Blue Fish – 1006 Wharf Street, Victoria, British Columbia – 250.298.6877


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