3 ingredient wonder: eggnog pancakes

I’ve been looking forward to trying eggnog pancakes for some time and figured New Year’s Day was a perfect time to make them. I saw this recipe on The Daily Meal that gave me the idea. All you need is Bisquick, eggnog, and nutmeg. It really is that simple.


I recommend using whole nutmegs and grating to get the best flavor. I can’t get enough of freshly ground nutmeg. I went very much overboard on the nutmeg, which made the pancakes, IMHO. I found the eggnog flavor a bit subtle for my taste. I left the batter on the thicker side. Next time, I would keep adding eggnog to a thinner consistency – just to maximize the eggnog flavor.


Overall though, a fabulous treat. Now that I’ve realized how easy this is to do, I look forward to trying out some other flavor combos since Bisquick is such a quick and easy base. Happy 2015!


a nod to jimmy dean

The elusive Hot Jimmy Dean Sausage

The elusive Hot Jimmy Dean Sausage


There are certain areas where I notice my Southern roots when grocery shopping – the major one being sausage. Sausage here I’ve quickly learned is more of the savory variety – not so much geared towards the breakfast variety, and more towards the Italian-what’s-for-dinner picks. I was sad to learn of Jimmy Dean’s recent passing since when I think of breakfast meats, well clearly I think of this little package you see here to the side. Jimmy Dean. Done deal. And it’s strange to me that all people don’t have that association as to me, it’s as synonymous with breakfast sausage as Kleenex it to facial tissues. Although I’ve been sad to find it’s rare to see Mr. Dean up North in the freezer and this here hot variety? Downright impossible to see. Continue reading