double-date brunch at buttermilk channel

I’d been meaning for a long time to go check out brunch at Buttermilk Channel. But brunch at Buttermilk Channel is extreme on all levels. Portion sizes? Generous. Wait times? Be ready to just grow roots and stick it out. No reservations with crowds that don’t let that send them away means there will likely be a wait at just about any hour – even if you plan to get there early.

This particular Saturday, we got there around 11am and only found about a 30 minute wait. Not too bad, in the grander scheme of things. We sat down and ordered right away, having perused the menu while waiting at the bar. Our friends ordered a short-stack to enjoy as they waited for their main dishes. Look at this. Just a taste of what was to come.

Our food came out fairly quickly, though we were missing one dish. As we started to eat what had already come out, they kindly sent out one of their jelly doughnuts for my BF to eat while he waited on his meal.

I was unable to resist the allure of the pecan pie french toast with bourbon, molasses, and toasted pecans. My oh my. Sometimes I’ve found things such as this to be too much for me – even with my significant sweet tooth. Yes, there was definitely some sugar on my plate – but it was just teetering at the line of excess, and worked perfectly for me. Note, I did not need dessert the rest of the day (I was also not complaining).

The fried pork chop with cheddar waffle wasn’t just big – it was massive! The flavors were excellent and paired perfectly with the cheddar waffle – hanging out beneath the pork chop fully dwarfed by its size.

Is this somewhere I’ll indulge to eat at on a weekly basis? No. Is this somewhere I’ll definitely be making a return visit? Why yes.

Buttermilk Channel – 524 Court Street (at Huntington) – Brooklyn – 718.852.8490
Reservations for parties of 5 or more only