weekend review: dc come to nyc

Cupcake Assortment - Butter Lane, East VillageOn Friday evening, the Tour Guide came in for a visit. It was great to see her – I’m still bummed I had to miss out on her wedding weekend because I was too gimpy to go 😦 And while we did have a great spontaneous cupcake date my next to last visit in DC, it was nice to have more one-on-one time. She has another friend here in town, so we joke her other friend and I have “joint custody”, with my custody on this visit expiring late Saturday afternoon.

Dix and I went to meet her around Penn Station. I learned the hard way that being a sitting duck waiting for 20-30 minutes around that area with a cute dog might not be the smartest of ideas. I had one guy go by and tell me I was “devious”. I was not aware that was a flattering thing to say to a lady? I should’ve said “sick ’em, Dix!”, but I resisted and just walked away. We ate outdoors at one of my favorite pizza spots and then strolled down to Butter Lane for some cupcakes. Usually I’m in and out there quickly, but this time they were super chatty. We took advantage and had them tell us all about the newest additions and after Friday night, I feel all caught up. From left to right, top to bottom, we have maple with salted pecans on chocolate, espresso on chocolate, raspberry on chocolate, and salted caramel (with popcorn garnish) on chocolate (their special for the day). We’d originally planned to try to hit a movie as well, but by the time we did dinner and cupcakes we found ourselves looking at after 11pm. It was actually a nice change of pace to be in so early and yet feel like we’d done so much. Besides, it left more energy for the morning. Not a bad thing.

Saturday I made us reservations at Stanton Social, my favorite fancy smancy brunch alternative. How can you beat a brunch option where you can share plates tapas style with brunch foods? It’s something I haven’t seen yet anywhere else (though don’t think that means I’m opposed in any way, shape or form). The Tour Guide doesn’t eat pork though, so the chorizo mac ‘n cheese was out as was the brie and apple quesadillas. Next time. Instead, we split the warm donuts and the banana pancakes and each did a dish of our own – she had her eggy dish and I went with their Greek yogurt, granola, and fresh fruit – shocker seeing as it’s my current obsession. We walked around a bit in SoHo. I took her over to the Young Designer’s Market. I’m usually torn wanting to buy one of each, but this time I walked out empty handed. There is one designer who does custom necklaces where they mold a “strand” of gold into your name, which I totally love. I can’t bring myself to spend the money though – if I remember correctly, it’s somewhere close to $100. Steep. We tried espresso samples at Sur La Table (delish). Tried on clothes at Mango, but still. Nothing tempted us. To reward ourselves for not spending too much money {{pat. pat}}, we stopped at Baked by Melissa. Cutest. Cupcakes. Ever!! Are you seeing a trend here? I’ve passed by their little window countless times but never stopped. We kind of wanted a little bit of something to eat, but nothing too big. Perfect!!

Cupcakes & Pupcakes

They were so small, I held out one (this is the cookie dough) to Dixie. She thought it was a treat for her, and then I felt like a cruel, cruel puppy mama!

Before we knew it, they were gone... :(

And before we knew it, our little box of 6 minis was all gone. And all we were left with were the sad faces. Awwww. It was a great visit though – and I’ll be seeing more of her soon, for sure


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