winner, winner chicken (and bubbles) dinner

I was just reading about Sarah Simmons’ new restaurant, Birds and Bubbles, as I received an invite from N to go check it out during her recent trip to NYC in September. The wait to get a prime time seat was a bit on the longer side, so I felt super lucky that my friend from Detroit was so on top of the Manhattan food scene. I went to one of Simmons’ City Grit dinners back in 2012 and had been planning on coming back. This was a good alternative!


When T and I arrived, they had already been seated and were perusing the fabulous menu. The selection of bubbles to accompany your order is extensive. We had the H. Billiot Fils Brut Rose, which was a raspberry rose that was amazing. The list on their website gives you an idea.


They started with an order of deviled eggs. I didn’t have any (not a fan) but as I have always heard, the verdict was that they were amazing (especially the flavor added by the sriracha flakes).


For main course, we ordered several of the winner, winner, chicken dinners – which is a whole chicken, three sides, and a bread basket. They tried to dissuade us from ordering two for our party of six, especially since one was ordering their own dish, but we insisted. Note: their leftovers reheat fabulously, and make a perfect dish to bring to potluck brunch the next day. Just saying…


The chicken itself was outstanding. Not greasy at all. The breading was not very thick and was slightly crispy, just the way it should be. Being from the South, you could say I am a bit picky when it comes to Southern food, but knowing Simmons’ North Carolina roots and passion for fried chicken, I did not expect anything but the best.


For sides, the grits were good. The green chiles were a nice addition. I was not a big fan of the vidalia onion soufflé. It was somewhat runny and soggy. It was the only low point out of the dishes on the table. For me, the unexpected winner of the entire meal was the slaw. Slaw, you say? Yes, slaw! I’m not usually a big fan of slaw, usually avoiding it. This slaw though is amazing. Definitely a must have on the menu. The buttermilk biscuits were definitely the star of the bread basket, but I pretty much knew at buttermilk.


For dessert, I highly recommend the banana pudding. It’s a perfect balance of savory (touch of salt) and sweet. It’s enough for two if you’re looking for a smaller dessert option. So good. We went shortly after the restaurant opened, which is likely why the service was on the slower side. I look forward to going back again to check it out again in the future.


Much thanks to Ms. N on the reservation!

Birds and Bubbles – 100B Forsyth Street (b/w Grand and Broome Street) – 646.368.9240
Reservations Required


dish buzz: brunch at stanton social

Stanton Social, Lower East Side

Stanton Social, Lower East Side

I have only been to Stanton Social for dinner, but was curious to try their brunch. I wanted to do something I don’t usually do and come back to a restaurant I have already reviewed to give insight into some of their other offerings. My mom and I went to check it out a couple of Saturdays ago. We arrived in to a very calm restaurant around noon and watched it come alive, completely filled with patrons by 1pm.

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dish buzz: peaches market

Peaches Market - BedStuy

If i had a food mantra for my attitude towards food in the city, it would be “will travel for good food.” I’d read about Peaches Market long before its arrival in Bedford-Stuyvesant. I’m not sure how it took me this long to make it out there. Catch the A to Brooklyn and then get off at Utica Avenue. Great food is just a short walk away from there. Continue reading

dish buzz: the redhead

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dish buzz – elettaria

Elettaria, Greenwich VillageSurrounded by low-key restaurants, random shoe shops, and independent coffee shops, it is easy to walk by and fail to notice Eletteria altogether. However, tucked inside is a great little spot, regardless of the occasion for your visit.

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dish buzz: smith’s

Smith's (79 Macdougal Street)

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